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Joint Ventures and Syndications

ML REInvestment Properties has standing relationships with several Real Estate Equity Firms, Investment groups and Individual Real Estate Investors that have combined over $25 million in private money to purchase Real Estate. We help form and manage Real Estate Investment Syndications as well as participate in Joint Ventures on Residential Multi Family acquisitions. Once you have filled out the contact info. One of our consultants will contact you regarding your company's specific acquisition criteria.

We take a conservative approach...

We only buy in areas where there is a predictable path of progress.

We buy B and C properties in B and C areas that have both a value play and a momentum play where there is plenty of opportunity to increase the value of our investment.

We typically want to be in and out of a market place within 3 to 5 years depending on where we come in on the cycle.

We buy commercial real estate in emerging markets that produce good cash flow with a strong back end. I am always looking for partners, and I am willing to give you an equity position.

If you would like more detail, I would be happy to talk with you.

Since our company is SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) compliant, we follow all of the rules and the regulations set forth by the SEC. What I would like to do is send you the "Accredited Investor Form". Once I receive it back signed and dated, I will call you to set up a meeting (lunch, over coffee etc) to discuss the details of the business including how all of this will work, the kind of returns etc. I can answer all of your questions at that time

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