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Based in Austin, Texas, ML REInvestment Properties is an investment company that investigates investment opportunities throughout the U.S. By leveraging industry expertise and performing efficient property acquisition, ML REInvestment Properties operates to obtain a substantial market share in emerging real estate markets.

The market for multi-family housing units presents a favorable climate. During the next five years, 2.3 million additional rental homes are expected to be constructed in the U.S. With record-breaking foreclosures in the U.S. and millions of families seeking lower cost, transitional residences, the Company proposes its multi-family home investment plan at an opportune time. ML REInvestment Properties targets individuals ages 18 to 34 with incomes of $35,000 and less. More than 22% of Americans are ages 18 to 34, and per capita income is $27,916. The Company will operate in the $31.3 billion Apartment Building Operators industry in which average businesses earn $4.0 million annually.

ML REInvestment Properties recognizes the importance of operating with a marketing strategy that will effectively saturate the market it intends to reach. It has therefore outlined a promotional plan that includes Internet advertising, print media ads, banner advertising, flyers, and radio advertisements. Its nationwide campaign is outlined to effectively bolster brand awareness and draw in new tenants. The Company remains cognizant of the shifting market changes within the real estate market and will adjust its advertising campaign as needed to more effectively increase awareness with prospective clientele.

The Company is owned by Michael Lane. Mr. Lane has owned ML REInvestment Properties since 2007. He has participated in over 30 Single Family Real Estate transactions, and manages several rental properties he owns. Mr. Lane is a key player in the acquisition and management of multi-family properties in emerging markets. He possesses an AAS degree in business/data processing from Coastal Bend College, has owned two large construction companies; Southwest Painting and ML Restorations.

To achieve the Company's objectives, ML REInvestment Properties is seeking approximately $2,000,000 in total funding for each property acquired through outside investments.

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